Beauty Queen

Naturally Make Up in 5 steps

The most beautiful woman at the SAG Awards was definitely Dianna Agron, she's even beating out Angelina Jolie
Follow step by step and you can have easily the same results.
(All the make up products she used were Dior but I'm using other brands too)
 Let's start...

Step 1: Apply coat of  liquid foundation all over facial area and neck
and then use your compressed powder and dab it on your forehead and nose first, then move to the rest of your face and chin.

Step 2:      Apply a peach/light pink blush on your cheeks.

Step 3:      Use a beige eyeshadow across the eyelid.
Then apply a light brown eyeshadow right under 
 the eye bone to create a deep illusion to your eyes.
Apply a light eyeshadow under the eyes.

Step 4:     Use a black eyeliner and then apply 2-3 coats of mascara, for extra long results use fake eyelashes.

Step 5:       Last but not least use a pink natural lipstick.


  1. Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.

  2. Παρα πολυ ομορφο μακιγιαζ και καταλληλο για ολες τις ωρες! Και τα μαλλια κ το φορεμα..πολυ girly-sweet αποτελεσμα!