Week Diary

 Favorite Mac Lipstick!

Wearing my booties!

Irish coffee!

Like fraternal twins :P
My sister & I wearing our watches and these cute bracelets!

Jimmy Choo perfume!
Heavenly smell!

Driving around & taking selfies, so not cool!

Casual Saturday, make-up free face & messy hair!
God I love weekends!

Hey guys! 
How are you? How was your week?
I hope everyone is good and having a great time!

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Maria G.


The Nudes

The Nudes Collection by Christian Louboutin

The Nudes collection is designed to match a range of skin tones, from the familiar traditional "nude" to a rich dark brown.
Now every woman can match the shade of the shoes with her own skin.


Dior Golden Winter Collection

Click to see Dior’s upcoming Holiday 2013 Collection Golden Winter.


Pink Inspo

 As I promised in a previous post , here's a post full of pink!
Get inspired!



Week Diary

 Hello flu!
I was sick the entire week. It's the time of the season that you don't 
know what to wear and it's super-easy getting a cold.
I feel so much better now!

Me in wavy hair and sexy lips!

Inspired by the 'Burberry hearts' post!

Isn't the cutest sweater?

Out & about!
Coffee and chitchat with the girls!

I think I'm in love!

Is anyone else hear this YSL clutch screaming 
"Please take me home with you"?


Fantasy Bra 2013

Candice Swanepoel will model this year's Victoria's Secret $10million Fantasy Bra.

Designed by world-famous royal jewellers Mouawad, the bra and matching belt are adorned with over 4,200 precious gems, including rubies, diamonds, and yellow sapphires, set in 18-karat gold, with a 52-karat, pear-shaped ruby for the centrepiece.


Pink Touch

I know what you're going to say, 
pink is a colour that we generally wear in Spring/Summer!

Not this time ladies!

According to the biggest fashion runways, 
pink is the colour of the season and of course is the lastest "MUST-HAVE" addition to our wardrobes!

New post full of pink inspiration is coming soon! 
Stay tuned!



Burberry Hearts

 Burberry Fall 2013 
Heart inspiration